The Soft Bulletin Companion CD

The Soft Bulletin Companion CD

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Bundle includes:

• "Satellite of You" Instant Grat (available 7/9)

• The Soft Bulletin Companion CD

Following the success of The Flaming Lips breakthrough album The Soft Bulletin in 1999, there was a demand for outtakes and other related non-album tracks by fans of the band at radio and in the media. To satisfy this demand Scott Booker, the band’s long-time manager, compiled a playlist and burned home-made CDs of rare and interesting tracks which were selectively distributed by Scott and Warner Records.

The 13-track compilation featured outtakes from The Soft Bulletin, including unreleased songs, single b-sides from around the world, alternate mixes and a cover version. It also notably included stereo versions of tracks from Zaireeka – the legendary 4-CD album preceding The Soft Bulletin that required 4 separate audio systems for playback so the consumer could experience the full album.

1) 35,000 ft. of Despair (5:06)
2) 1000 ft. Hands (early mix) (3:24)
3) 2025 (Invisible Now) (5:54)
4) Buggin’ (Lips mix) (3:24)
5) A Machine in India (4:09)
6) Okay I’ll Admit (4:32)
7) The Captain (5:08)
8) Satellite of You (4:33)
9) The Spiderbite Song (early mix) (4:00)
10) Slow Motion (early mix) (3:21)
11) 1000 ft. Hands (final mix) (5:51)
12) Little Hands (rough mix) (4:40)
13) The Big Ol’ Bug (4:39)